Brand association is you biggest competitive advantage, it’s distinguishes one company from the next. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through cause marketing. Linking your brand to a non-profit group or charity is referred to as cause marketing. If you want to give back to the community, then this is an opportunity for you to boost your business and your brand as part of your community involvement initiatives.

Finding a cause that has synergy with your company can be difficult. Forging a business partnership with a non profit organisation can also be tricky. This is Sho-Sho-Lo-Za Marketing’s expertise.

We will help you find a cause that has synergy with your brand. We will design, plan, implement and market your fundraising program ensuring that the cause and your brand are correctly presented and associated. Cause Marketing is a form of emotional branding and indirectly links a company with a cause.

The benefits of corporate social investment marketing…

  • Creates & promotes brand loyalty
  • Value add to your brand/product
  • Improves client relations
  • BEE & CSI Certification

Why Us?

  • All our products have CSI options
  • Registered foundation to provide CSI certification